The Ex Factor Guide Review by Brad Browning - Get your ex back NOW!




The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning attempts to show you how you can get back together with your ex-girlfriend after she has ended the relationship. It claims a success rate of around 90% if you follow the instructions exactly, but lets you know there are always some instances in which you're just not going to be able to win your ex back.

Something that the book doesn't really delve into enough is what your reasons are for wanting to get back together and whether it's actually in your best interests to do so. It's quite common to miss the security and comfort of being in that relationship, and becoming an emotional wreck when you first lose it.

The natural response for many people is to do whatever it takes to get that back, even if the relationship had serious problems. Another issue for many men is that they feel they will never be able to get another girlfriend as good as their ex, so the fear of being alone makes them desperate to try and salvage the relationship.

So it's really important to spend some time and work out if getting back with your ex is what's going to be best for you in the future. Are the problems that led to the break up something that can be fixed if you move forward, or are they likely to present themselves again? If a third party was involved, are you going to be able to trust each other again? Do you bring out the best in each other and both want the same things in life? These are just a few of the many things you'll want to consider to determine if your ex is someone worth pursuing again.

At the core of the program you will essentially be using jealousy as a tool to try and win back your ex. This is why the 31 days of no contact is important, as it gives her a chance to start missing you and will make her think you have moved on and are over her.

I think the biggest weakness of this product is that it fails to address the issue that there are multiple reasons why a relationship breaks down. Browning states that there might be many reasons behind a breakup, but that they all boil down to the fact that your girlfriend lost her attraction for you.

At one point during the book, Browning claims that once you seduce your ex and get her into bed, you've won. But the fact is that hooking up with your ex for sex is not an indication that the relationship is back on track. Browning addresses this issue and gives some advice that still centers around making her think you are with other girls, and waiting for your ex to bring up the subject of getting back together.